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Hip Hop Workout

Created by Radio Javan | 35 songs | 10,165 followers
Hamed Fard Etehade Rap 141,211 plays
Sohrab MJ Ma (Ft Mehrad Hidden) 2,387,871 plays
Behzad Leito Bemoghash 5,584,617 plays
Mehrad Hidden Rooz Az No 3,677,001 plays
EpiCure Bezan Ziresh 3,566,237 plays
Behzad Leito Mese Khoete 10,256,383 plays
Zedbazi Pedare Man Bad Mano Negah Mikone 3,949,899 plays
Sepehr Khalse Sayeha (Ft Sijal, Nassim, Magico) 4,567,555 plays
EpiCure Tekoon Bedeh 9,255,752 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Ghable Ejraa (Ft Behzad Leito & Sohrab MJ) 5,101,326 plays
Tik Taak & A2 Ye Jaye Tarik (Ft Behzad Leito) 2,701,844 plays
Erfan Almas (Ft Khashayar, Behzad Leito & Paya) 2,737,125 plays
Zedbazi Chera Badi (Ft Hichkas) 8,827,486 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Dige Bayad Bas Konam (Ft Behzad Leito, Sepehr Khalse, & Sami Low) 2,022,355 plays
Sepehr Khalse Siah Mese Barf (Ft Alireza JJ, Sijal, Behzad Leito) 14,055,299 plays
Mehrad Hidden Miresam (Ft Saman Wilson & Sohrab MJ) 6,482,282 plays
Yas Zende Bad Iran 3,688,447 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Ziadesh Khoobe (Ft Behzad Leito) 7,159,144 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Mehmooni Khodemoone (Ft Erfan, Sina Mafee, Sepehr Khalse, Behzad Leito, Paya & Magico) 4,073,903 plays
Zedbazi Tehran Maale Mane (Album Version) 5,564,273 plays
Yas Bad Shodam 14,970,877 plays
Hichkas Firooz 3,165,739 plays
Yas Vasiat Nameh 4,898,425 plays
Bozorg Poshtdast (Ft Sohrab MJ) 2,899,967 plays
Bahram Saz 2,435,631 plays
Erfan Montazer (Ft Sogand) 4,179,087 plays
Alireza JJ & Sijal Vitamine 30 (Ft Sohrab MJ & Behzad Leito) 8,831,531 plays
Ho3ein Gorg (Ft Reza Pishro & Amir Tataloo) 5,944,661 plays
Sepehr Khalse Shar Ba To Nadarim (Ft Alireza JJ & Behzad Leito) 2,880,331 plays
Zedbazi Cigare Soorati 10,745,351 plays
Shayea Zebr (Ft Ho3ein) 4,549,398 plays
Yas Man Mijangam 2,969,807 plays
Bozorg Farda 3,006,326 plays
Tik Taak 5Shanbe 5,606,728 plays
Tohi Man Balam 2,502,399 plays
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